New World's combat system is more open than most, with plenty of room for customizing weapon loadouts. Every weapon is viable, but figuring out what builds to focus on is more difficult than it might seem. 

Putting together a specialized build is one of the best ways to improve how effective you are in New World combat encounters, as the right combination of weapons, armor, and attributes can turn you into a stalwart tank, a ruthless damage dealer, or anything between. So this guide brings some of the best builds you can put together in New World.

New World Best Tank Build

Pairing the Sword and Shield with the Great Axe makes for a solid tank build. The best way to do it is to invest heavily in Strength and Constitution while using Sword and Shield as your primary weapon and the Great Axe as your secondary. Strength gives these two weapons excellent damage output, while Constitution boosts your health to very high levels.

Additionally, the Defender skill tree of the Sword and Shield significantly reduces the damage you take and improves your regenerative abilities, while the Great Axe's Mauler skill tree allows you to draw enemies in and either stun them or do strong crowd control damage. In terms of armor, you're going to want to wear heavy armor so that you have even more protection from damage.

New World Best DPS Build

The best DPS build is Hatchet and Fire Staff. A Berserk-focused Hatchet is one of the strongest DPS weapons, with a strong set of passives that help you stay alive longer and deal greater damage even when your health is low. Fire Staff is another of our top picks for the game's best weapons and lets you maintain pressure on your enemies from a distance.

This build benefits from Strength and Intelligence, though a bit of the Constitution won't go amiss either. If you're a mobile DPS player, light armor works best, so you're not sacrificing dodge distance. Those who take more damage should go for medium armor, though.

New World Best Healer Build

Healers and support characters are always a valuable asset in any MMO group, regardless of whether or not you're going into PvE or PvP. The best way to play support in New World is to spec into Focus and Intelligence so that you can make good use of the Life Staff and the Ice Gauntlet, respectively. The Life Staff allows you to heal both yourself and your allies while also buffing them with defensive magic, while the Ice Gauntlet with the Ice Conjurer skill tree lets you create turret-like ice pylons that attack enemies, debuff them, and buff your allies.

When it comes to armor, you should wear light protection so that you're able to dodge long distances. Since you don't have as much health as beefier builds, avoiding damage effectively is key.

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