Last month, Lost Ark debuted. In reality, however, European players of these new MMOARPGs have to go through long queues to finally get into the game. So to ease the congestion in this game, Amazon created a new server for it.

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However, even with this new 'Europe West' server, the problem of long queue times in Lost Ark cannot be completely solved. In an interview with IGN, Amazon Games franchise leader Soomin Park said that because the Europe Central region of Lost Ark has been overcrowded, there has been some instability in the region and when players are queuing.

In fact, solving this congestion situation cannot be achieved simply by adding more servers. Park explained that because Lost Ark can support a limited number of peak concurrent players in any one universe or region, there is no way to continue adding more servers in Europe Central.

Park went on to explain that each region has theoretically unlimited [Amazon Web Services] capacity, but if the game tries to scale beyond each region's maximum capacity, it could become unstable.

The massive popularity of Lost Ark has overwhelmed Amazon and Smilegate. Both companies have expressed shock and excitement at the game's popularity since its release in the West last month. This popularity has made Lost Ark the second most concurrent game in Steam history after PUBG.

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