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TG21-L Type Marine LED Spotlight

marine LED spotlight

The type of marine LED spotlight is used for the spotlight lighting on various boating journeys and outdoor adventures at all types of boats, docks, storage yards, oil platforms, etc. The light has a simple structure and good water-proof function. It adopts good LED illumination with the working life can be over 50000 hours. It has high work efficiency with energy-saving and environmental protection. The LED starter has stabled components to assure that the circuit has a long lifetime and it has the protection for the short circuit and overload, to assure that the LED light works for the long term.

Production authentication

1. Conform to GB 7000.1, GB 7000.7, GB 17743, GB 19510.1, GB 19510.14 etc.

TG13 Type Boat Spotlight

boat spotlight

The type of boat spotlight is can be considered as one of the best marine remote spotlights mainly because it is powerful with high performance. It can be used in many different applications like searching, boating, fishing, etc outdoor places. This is super bright and can be a practical option on the early morning prior to the dusky treks onto the rivers. It will look stunning on your boat. It is made with premium quality construction materials with sturdiness and long-lasting performance. It is certified water safe.

Production authentication:

1. Conform to international IEC Norm and international standard GN7000.7-2005.

TG8, TG9 Type Ship Spotlight

ship spotlight

The ship spotlight is specially designed to help users ensure smooth sailing navigation and can be applied to the partial illumination when searching, night navigation, life-saving or water working for a middle or small boat. The spotlight structure is firm, corrosive-resistant and lightweight. It is waterproof and resistant to any form of impact and bumps and is capable of withstanding any weather conditions. It is powerful and can ensure superb performance. The lighting device can provide maximum and remote power to the spotlight.

TG4, TG5, TG6 Type Marine Spotlight

marine spotlight

The type of marine spotlight is applied to projecting illumination in outdoor places such as a boat, dock, port, store place, and petroleum platform, etc. It is made of high standard stainless steel. The lampshade adopts toughened glass and high-purify alumina m reflector with an excellent reflecting effect. It has a compact structure and a beautiful appearance with a good seal and anti-corrosive performance. The light can be adjusted upside 90°, down 45°angle.

Production authentication:

1. Conform to international IEC Norm and international standard GN7000.7-2005.