After regular maintenance, New World update 1.4.1 has been released, which fixes some issues with the game world, and eliminates bugs and progress related to the user experience. To continue your adventure more smoothly, you can download and install new patches.

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It's important to note that the new update doesn't add any new features, it's just a patch. The cheapest New World Coins on the web right now are for sale at But some major issues with the game have been eliminated. Here are the patch notes for this update:

Fixed world experience. An issue where storage boxes did not increase the total amount of available town storage has been fixed. As well as the "Answer the Call" Main Story Quest inability to complete the quest has been fixed. And the quest can only be reset when you have the items needed to complete it.

In Expedition, The Depths, an issue where players could not earn quest credits for "Into the Depths" by killing Commander Thorpe has been fixed. It is now possible to properly New World Coins Buy advance quests after defeating Commander Thorpe in Crusades.

In Economy and Progression, an issue where the quest reward container in the “Tempest’s Soul” quest line did not respect players’ Expertise has been fixed. Rewards will now be at the appropriate Expertise level.

In terms of UX, UI, and Social, an issue where player achievements would load incorrectly at the start of a new game session has been fixed. The Indigo Flame using the wrong icon has been fixed. Fixed an issue where certain Blunderbuss item types would be incorrectly listed in "Muskets" in the Trading Post.

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