At present, the most commonly used canvas teepee tent fabrics are: liger cloth, oxford cloth, nylon, washing cloth.

For general leisure, nylon and washing are the most used, and they are also relatively good. Rigg and Oxford are generally used for professional outdoor sports, and are suitable for professional tents in extreme environments such as mountains, plateaus, and snow-capped mountains. Nylon and washing cloth are mostly used with general leisure inflatable tents. Judgment criteria: the higher the density, the better, and the higher the degree of waterproofing, the better. There are mainly the following criteria:

1. Water repellent is only coated with AC or PU on the exterior. Generally only used for children or games inflatable tents.

2. Waterproof 300MM is generally used for beach tents/shading tents or cotton tents for drought and less rain.

3. Waterproof 800MM-1200MM is used for conventional simple camping inflatable tents.

4. Waterproof 1500MM-2000MM is used to compare mid-range inflatable tents, and it takes many days to travel.

5. The waterproof tents above 3000MM are generally professional inflatable tents, which have been treated with technologies such as high temperature resistance/cold resistance.

canvas teepee tent