Peach, strawberry, plum, and many other juicy goodies you are looking for a fresh and stimulating Perfume, fruit is always the right choice. While many of the best fruit flavors have sweet tones, some are also sour. In most cases, fragrant fruit has many floral tones for balance. They also always have a wooden back, especially those designed for the whole year. (You can also find wood tones for the fruity scent of distorted unisex.)

What is a fruit perfume?
Fruit perfume is one of the most commonly used perfumes. While most people consider these fruit and berry scents to be spring and summer options, with the right balance of tones, many are good in winter and fall. Thanks to their versatile appeal, fruity scents are also great gifts.

Although citrus is a fruit, the fruity scent is different from the citrus scents. Although it is possible to find tones like lemon, grapefruit, orange, and/or lime with a fruity scent, it is not the dominant tone. Instead, you get a strong breath of fruits such as peach, raspberry, pomegranate, apple, mango, black currant, passion fruit, strawberry, and more.

Because these tones usually have a natural sweetness, fruity scents are a great introduction to the scented space when shopping for teens.

To see the best fruit fragrance options, regardless of your age, lifestyle or occasion, check out our list of the most delicious fruit fragrances for women below.

1. Lancome wallet holder
Safe Perfume from LANCOME

It's no surprise to anyone who knows about fragrant rooms that Lancome's Tresor is on our list of the best fragrance options with a fruity scent. Not only is it one of the best-selling fruit scents, it's one of the best-selling scents, period. And we're talking global appeal here.

Splash and it's easy to see why women keep coming back to this scent. With top notes in fruits like peach and pineapple, but also based on flowers like rose, lilac and lily of the valley, it is one of the best blends. The basic tones of peach, apricot, vanilla, musk, sandalwood and amber create a light and dark duality, thanks to which this scent is unique for night and day.

2. Jean Paul Gaultier by Jean Paul Gaultier
Perfume by Jean Paul Gaultier

If you are looking for the best choice for a fresh fruit scent, try this popular cult scent from Jean Paul Gaultier. The Jean Paul Gaultier bottle, which was launched almost three decades ago in 1993 - in the shape of a woman's bust - is as iconic as the perfume itself.

It is a spicy, fruity scent where you will find a mix of tones such as pear, bergamot, star anise, orange blossom, ginger, vanilla and plum. It smells great in the colder months or after dark when you are looking for something deep, rich and mysterious. Many have found that it also has a unisex appeal (although it is not so designed).

3. Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo
Jimmy Choo perfume from JIMMY CHOO

This fruity scent is the first from the iconic shoe and accessories brand Jimmy Choo. The fragrance of the same name is set in a glass bottle with a texture that is worth exhibiting and designed by former creative director Tamara Mellon. Although this fragrance is very popular today, it was launched in 2011.

For women who have a lot on their plate, this is an easy-to-maintain perfume that you can spray anywhere. It is not the bravest or most unique, but it is beautifully mixed and a bit sweet - a fruity scent that will be enjoyed by almost everyone who smells it.

4. I Love Love by Cheap & Chic Moschino
Perfume I Love Love by MOSCHINO

Like the Cheap & Chic Moschino brand itself, this fruity scent is fragrant, fun, radiant, optimistic and full of energy. But don't be fooled by the colorful bottle and bright design. There is nothing cheap about this luxurious scent.

It is sweet and fruity without fogging or excess sugar, which makes it one of the best fruity scents for high school environments such as the office. And let's be honest, everyone who finds themselves in one of these environments needs a little optimism and energy!

5. Cupid Cupid is Cacharel
Amor Amor perfume from CACHAREL

Cacharel may be a little overwhelmed by his heat, but the feminine fruity scent of Amor Amor has stood the test of time. If you are looking for something more sour than sweet, this fruity scent will get you in place. It is also hot when it dries, so women reach for it in the colder months.

The fruity tones of blackcurrant, apricot, mandarin, grapefruit and bergamot are beautifully balanced with roses, jasmine, lily of the valley and woody tones at the base, so while it starts as a strong fruity scent, it cools. to a coquettish, vanilla-fruity scent.

6. Bon Bon by Viktor & Rolf
Bon Bon Parfum by VIKTOR & ROLF

There is some debate as to whether Bon Bon - which means "candy" in French - is more gourmet or more fruity. We are considering these two, because when you first spray this lively scent, you will be flooded with juicy peach and orange, which will progress to sweet caramel and jasmine before you try amber, sandalwood, guaja and cedar.

Of course, this is not your standard generic fruity scent. This selection from Viktor & Rolf is one of the best fruity scents for someone who wants to feel a little sexy, like on a date or on a fun night in town.

7. Couture Couture by Juicy Couture
Couture Couture Perfume

This fruity scent is girly, but not young. Couture Couture is a great scent for teenagers, because it is perfect for a young woman and a scent that can be easily worn in adulthood as a characteristic scent. While Juicy Couture is clearly not a couture brand, Couture Couture smells expensive.

It has a relatively refined plum-heavy mixture (which adds a intoxicating taste). It also relies heavily on amber and sandalwood to create a luxurious touch that is very different from the sweet treats you would expect from a brand like Juicy Couture.

8. Marine Groove from Escady
Marine Groove Escada perfume

If you want to take a walk on Capri, Ibiza or St. Tropez, spray Escadou's Marine Groove. It is a pure gushing charm with fruit tones like passion fruit, which gives the scent an ultra-sweet start. But that opening is quickly based on some sexy musk.

While you can take it on your next exotic vacation, of course, it's also one of the best fruit scents for a weekend brunch or whenever you're looking for something special. You are attractive or just need to escape from your daily worries.