I haven't yet had the pleasure of using a pregnant bride. When my step-sister, our bride Sofia, discovered she was pregnant with twins, it helped me think of what little inspiration there's for pregnant brides available.

It seems there's still just a little stigma about using the image of the pregnant bride therefore we created this shoot because of the ultimate transgression. Here we possess a real 'barefoot and pregnant' bride within this shoot inspired by the depiction of the Spring Goddess in Botticelli's Primavera painting in the 1500s. We desired to play on this trope of perceived helplessness and transform it into something strong and delightful.

Set within the eerie forests of Sintra in Central Portugal, our solo bride first wore an attractive white lace ball gown wedding dress for some true bridal bump inspiration. The second lilac-grey dress was more directly inspired by the Primavera painting and was discovered on the high street! In the 1500s, flowers were vital and held a lot of meaning, therefore we chose deep pink peonies and roses within our bouquet to symbolize eternal love. Here

Diana Martins developed a bespoke headpiece and earrings using our color palette as a base, to provide our bride a regal, confident and stylish look. Patz Hairstylist did some french braiding within our bride's hair which was very common within the Renaissance period.

As stylists, Cândida and I were excited about the idea of making our shoot seem like a painting, for you to derive the story in the photos. In this lonely forest, our bride is reading an accumulation of letters and illustrations from her keepsake box that her distant love has sent her.

She misses him but is sufficiently strong to be here now, by herself, excited for her babies to reach. We used my deep blue velvet cloth like a picnic rug and Oficina Primavera designed and painted the letters, illustrations, envelopes, and also the box. The main letter is an excerpt from one of Michaelangelo's poems. She also hand-painted the sign using the Maga Angelou quote – "Be ready, here comes life".

Rita's photography increases the mood of the shoot as she's a moody, vibrant style that made the shades pop and also the misty surroundings much more mysterious. Though our Sofia includes a wonderfully serene, emotive, and longing expression, we enjoyed creating this shoot!

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