Your search for the best medical tourism companies ends here. Experts predict its market to triple more than its 2021 value of $81.1 billion to reach $273.7 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 22.98%. Many tourism destinations worldwide, including Colombia, provide improved healthcare with innovative medicines. The Colombian government is taking many measures to increase the medical health tourism industry, like imposing stringent regulations for developing medical infrastructure and others. In addition, since plastic surgery does not come under US insurance, many visit Colombia and other countries that charge only a fraction of its costs. But with many medical tourism providers in Colombia, it is essential to choose the best among them.

So, check out the top tips to choose the best medical tourism companies in Colombia to have plastic surgeries and other treatments at affordable costs without compromising the quality of service.


Ten tips for choosing the best medical tourism companies in Colombia

Colombia ranks 22 in the world’s top 100 health systems of WHO, and Canada and the US ranking 30 and 37, respectively. But the costs for many surgical and other treatments are only half that you spend in the US. For example, breast augmentation costs an average of around $7,500, which costs only $2,500 in Colombia. Similarly, a facelift costs an average of $8,000, which is only approximately $4,000 in Colombia. It is why the Colombian medical tourism revenue increased from $615.3 to $818.7 in 2022 and reached nearly 1000 billion by 2024. There are many reasons for the rise and the increase in the medical tourism companiesHence you need to know the following tips to choose the best among them.

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  1. Have an interview with the consultant of the medical tourism company to know all about the treatment and its estimate
  2. Accept if the consultant confirms all meet your requirements and the costs suit your budget.
  3. Have a video conference meeting with the concerned surgeon to learn about the many procedures of the surgical treatment
  4. Sign an agreement with the proper authorities of the medical tourism company that includes all the treatment and payment details
  5. Confirm having an app on arrival at the Colombian airport to avail of all the transportation and translational facilities
  6. Check for the best accommodation facilities at the hotel and hospital for a comfortable stay in Colombia.
  7. Verify if all the facilities and equipment offered by the consultant area are available at the operating hospital
  8. Confirm all the preparation arrangements before the operation, and post-operation for resting for a specific period after surgery
  9. Check for any tourist places to visit arranged by the company as Colombia is not only best for health tourism but also to visit many places to rejuvenate the mind and body.
  10. Confirm the post-operative support after evaluation and discharge from the hospital to contact the right person for any queries

The above facts and tips will convince you to choose the best medical tourism companies in Colombia for any of your treatments at affordable costs with high quality and other benefits.