I wish now that I had accurately recorded the exact date and time when I heard God say to me, “Nothing is as it seems.”  I heard those exact words in my head when I awoke from a night’s sleep about six years ago.  And as I heard it, I knew I had just heard a word from God. 

Now, some might ask, “How did you know it was from God?”  That’s a fair question, and if I had not been the recipient of the word, I would have asked it too, but while my answer to that question would never satisfy the hardened cynic, I don’t feel it has to.  My answer would be, I knew just as surely as I knew the Lord Jesus Christ became Salvation to me in May of 1972.  To sum up, I just knew, and I had no doubt.  I also did not have any clue what the word meant or would come to mean to me in future days, and only beginning in 2020 did I begin to understand.

Each of us naturally hold some presumptions that we need to have in order to have a reasonable foundation for our beliefs, and as we mature, we build upon those foundations what we consider to be reasonable.  As we do so, our worldview is established, and each of us learn to utilize filters we use to determine what is true, and what is probably not true.  We routinely add truths to our worldview, as we also filter out the dross of what we deem to be untrue.  I’ve recently become aware that so much has changed in recent years that it is increasingly difficult to distinguish truth from fiction, and it is easy to let ourselves become conflicted and confused.   Somehow, our filters don’t seem as reliable as they once were, and this is as true of Christians as it is of any other people group.

The solution to this confusion is different among Christians and unbelievers or should be.  Christians should be able to anchor into the rock of the Bible and find themselves increasingly held firm by the truth in the pages of Scripture, but this works only if the Holy Spirit is allowed to interpret the truth to us individually.  Without the active, daily help of the Holy Spirit of God, even Christians will find the Bible reads like any other book, because the “life” ceases to pour into our spirits as the divine connection is broken.  Our human spirits are supposed to be joined with God’s Spirit for us to exist as we were created, and the Holy Spirit is our lifeline, our bridge, that completes that connection.  Without Him as the divine Pilot of our ship, we can’t but help to drift where the prevailing storm drives us.

Many of us who are older have come to the realization that we have been preserved and protected by God for ‘just such a time as this’.  We may often have wondered why we were allowed to survive so much for so long, while many of our former peers did not.  What is God up to?  Why us, and not them?  While accurate answers to these questions will only be made known in eternity (and they will be made known!), we can be sure that God has a grand plan, and we are on the world’s stage at this time because of it.  I believe many of the “late bloomers” comprise this group of believers today.  Be advised, you are NOT late…you are on time, and you were created for this.

So, take heart and decide to have courage, for courage is a decision.  We should strive to put down anchors against the storm, and not become too distracted from it while it howls and screams for our utmost attention.  God has not changed, nor has He been caught unprepared and off guard.  He, and He alone, has kept us for Himself, and His plan will unfold in our lives as we submit to Him. 

While indeed, nothing is as it has seemed, and everything seems in confusing motion all around us, we who are Christ’s body on the earth need to speak to our spirits and say as Christ once said to the storm around Him, “Be still!”

We are to anchor in, hold firm, fight the good fight of faith and submit to the Holy Spirit.  No matter what happens, if we don’t quit we will be victorious, for He, and only He is our great reward.