As we all know, New World will be officially released next month, and if players want to get a better experience in the game, weapons and equipment are indispensable for players. New World operates under a classless system, so the player's "class" or build is purely defined by the New World Coins weapon the player chooses to use. Players can use melee weapons at any given time, and there are options available, with many combinations of weapons and skills.

The melee weapons in New World are very complicated. Players have everything from fast one-handed weapons to slow two-handed weapons. All of these can be used for DPS, but only a few have the ability to directly tank, and do not rely on evasion. One-handed melee is often a stronger DPS choice, but two-handed melee provides considerable impact, but the shot speed is slower. Two-handed melees also provide a lot of crowd control and destructive potential, which most one-handed melees lack.

Sword and shield
Players will use the first weapon in New World, with a balanced offense and defense. Focusing on swordsmanship makes the player a very capable melee DPS. The sword and shield measure its damage by strength and agility, so these are the statistics that players want to pay attention to most. Strength is the main attribute of this weapon, it will expand its damage faster than agility. It is usually paired with an axe used in tank settings, but it is flexible enough to be paired with almost any weapon.

Juggernaut Tree
The Juggernaut Tree of course focuses on everything about the sword. It provides a variety of damage-focused swordsmanship skills in the whirlwind blade, counterstab, and leap. Whirling Blade is a high-damage attack that can hit everything within two meters of the player. The Tornado Blade is still one of the best AoE options the sword has, with greater range and coverage for light attacks. The ultimate skill of this skill tree is leadership, which allows the player and all of the player's allies to Buy New World Coins increase their damage by 10% when they are partying.

Defense tree
The defender tree is highly focused on the shield side of the sword and shield. Shield Slam is a quick hit with a shield, and some attack animations can be cancelled. A shield charge is a short-range charge of a shield, knocking it back when hit. Compared with the skills of the Juggernaut Tree, all defense skills are very useful. The ultimate skill of this tree is the defensive formation, which reduces the damage to friendly forces within 2m by 30%. This Ultimate is really only suitable for PvE content, and provides even less for PvP. During the game, players will need to consume a large amount of New World Coins. As a professional seller of NewWorldCoins, any player can get the New World Coins they want there.