As we all know, Bless Unleashed is a free massively multiplayer online role-playing game that can be used on multiple platforms. Players can play the game on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. Since Bless Unleashed can be used on multiple platforms, some Bless Unleashed Star Seeds players doubt whether the game is a cross platform/crossplay.

Unfortunately, Bless Unleashed does not support cross-platform or cross-play. Each platform acts as its own closed garden. If the player is playing the game on Xbox, the player will only be able to play with friends who also play the game on Xbox, and so on. If it is feasible to send a tweet to fans asking about the feature, then the developers seem to have no intention of introducing the feature into the game at any time.

In Bless Unleashed, players will explore the world of Lumios ravaged by human disasters. Strange beasts have appeared, trying to impose punishment when they are made, the Bless Unleashed Seeds game is full of strange lands to explore, monster bosses to be defeated, and countless attempts and perfect classes.

Players can mix and match five unique professions and four different races to create a character worthy of the blessings of the gods. Each class has its own attacks, combinations and abilities to test the player's combat skills.

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