As we all know, upgrading in Bless Unleashed is a long process, especially after passing regional missions. If players want to make the most of their time in the Bless Unleashed Star Seeds game to quickly level up, you can check out some of the insights provided in this guide. Here are some suggestions to help players quickly gain XP in Bless Unleashed.

To continue the game, the player must complete the main task. It is recommended to play the main mission, because it can not only help players level up, but also unlock more maps, dungeons, various side missions, bosses and other things. If the player's goal is to level up, side missions should not be the player's main focus, as they will only provide the player with a minimum of XP, so avoid them. However, if the player wants to learn new skills, side missions are a good choice.

Regional missions and bosses are very suitable for obtaining XP and loot. Therefore, once the player unlocks a new place, complete regional missions and bosses to speed up the player's upgrade. In a battle, find bosses and strike each boss several times. This trick will allow players to Buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds get a lot of XP. Completing the daily and weekly tasks of the player can be a livelihood for the player because they provide a lot of XP. In addition, the experience gained from completing them is also worthwhile.

It is recommended that players kill their opponents by themselves, because players will get the most XP. When a player knocks down an enemy with a friend or a group of players, the XP earned will be distributed to all players. Since sharing XP will slow down the upgrade speed, it is encouraged to single-player defeating the enemy.

Bless Unleashed Star Seeds

In Bless Unleashed, there are different types of experience accelerators. When the player is in the town, you can find PvE battle acceleration coupons from the merchant. These can help players generate more XP. Another similar technique is to buy an armor with a built-in experience boost, or players can make their own armor. If players are worried about the lack of Star Seeds in Bless Unleashed, they can go to MMOWTS for help, and their online customer service will solve all the problems you encounter.