In WOW TBC Classic, the restoration shaman is arguably the best therapist. They are equipped with a very powerful and extensive toolkit, including powerful single target and area effect treatments, as well as very powerful practicality in the form of totems. Since this profession has more than a dozen different totems and quite a lot of healing spells to Buy TBC Classic Gold manage, at first players will find it looks a little scary. But in fact it is much easier than it looks.

Resto Shaman gameplay mainly revolves around some key spells and totem management. When it comes to totems, things do get a little tricky, but it's more about remembering the role of things than a skill-intensive process. There are 23 different totems for Resto shamans to use, many of them are very useful, some are as simple as putting them down and forgetting them in battle, while others are based on specific utility.

As a restoration shaman, players need to focus on getting as much spell healing as possible. However, it is also very important not to ignore the other statistics in this list. Mana regeneration, intelligence, spell haste, and crit are all very important, and the best equipment will have multiple combinations of these attributes. Becoming a gem of Resto shaman is very simple. The player only wants to fill the player's equipment with red gems, because they provide the most primitive value.

However, if there are particularly powerful slot rewards, players may need to consider some orange or blue alternatives. Again, enchanting is fairly simple. If available, players will want to gain additional healing abilities, and get things such as intelligence and mana regeneration in slots that cannot be healed. Consumables provide a temporary attribute boost for the player's character, which is very important for gaining additional boosts in dungeons and raids.

If the player wants to make full use of the player's recovery shaman, there are two key professions to choose: tailoring and enchanting. The tailor allows the player to make many very powerful WOW TBC Gold items, such as the original moon cloth and the Whitemand suit. At the same time, enchanting provides the greatest overall improvement in attributes, and the unique ring enchantment provides a total of 40 additional healing points. In addition, players can also buy cheap TBC Classic Gold from MMOWTS to enhance their strength.