Since World of Warcraft has made a series of changes to Burning Crusade Classic, each class can become feasible in one form in the game.

The specializations of “meme”, which were at the highest level before, will hardly be touched, but now that they have been modified, they can be displayed in the game.

Now the number of TBC raids has dropped from 40 to 25, and each location is different. You may have often seen in Classic before that there will be 15 or more warriors in a raid, but now each given specialization will not exceed 4 at most.

Although diversified combinations can bring party gains, team gains, and boss debuffs, there are still some outstanding class abilities on the DPS table.

Now let's see what role each of these DPS classifications has:

S-tier: Belongs to the best TBC Classic Gold DPS in the game. Because they are far superior to other specifications, players want to use them more.

A-tier: Can provide more DPS than S-tier opponents. When you can't use the S-tier specifications, using A-tier won't leave you behind too much.

B-tier: It can still cause damage. They are mainly used to improve the overall performance of the raid and WOW TBC Classic Gold obtain specific gains for the team.

C-tier: Can not provide effective damage, but can provide effective team buffs, party buffs or boss debuffs.

D-tier: It can only provide dispensable gains or debuffs. Sometimes it can be replaced and only used to provide the bottom DPS.

Therefore, in order to get better DPS, players must upgrade them, so that the gain effect they bring will be greatly improved, but in the process of upgrading, you need to consume a lot of TBC Classic Gold, if you lack TBC Classic Gold, you can go to MMOWTS to see, the selling price there is very favorable, you can spend less money to buy more TBC Classic Gold.