In FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, there are many different tasks and game modes every week. You can use some methods to do these tasks at the same time. Then let's see how you can complete those tasks on Fridays and weekends.

The Weekend League will be opened on Friday at 4am ET / 9am GMT. You must meet the Weekend League entry requirements to participate in this activity.

It’s worth noting that Friday, November 26th is Cheap FIFA 22 Coins the annual Black Friday, so you need to prepare for this big day before 6pm GMT, because some SBC and other new content may require you to have a very limited time Finished quickly.

If you have not yet participated in the Weekend League, Saturday is the best time for you to complete your league player goals.

You can choose to complete these in Squad Battles or Division Rivals, but choosing Squad Battles will ensure that you achieve your goals on the computer, even when fighting against Harry Kane's Featured Squad.

But you can't combine to accomplish this goal, because it requires you to have 7 starters from a specific league. Since you can't get good player rewards like XP through the Liga Portugal Squad Foundations throughout the season, you should focus on this goal first.

Squad Battle rewards will be FUT 22 Coins opened on Sunday at 5am ET / 8am GMT. After you complete various the Squad Foundation objectives, you will receive very generous rewards.

If you cannot participate in Weekend League, you can also participate in other game modes. You can complete Liga Portugal Squad Foundations and Squad Foundations Uribe goals in Live FUT Friendly: Football Foundations. After you complete these Squad Foundation objectives, you will experience a different league next weekend.

In FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, there will be different goals to complete every day, especially on weekends. After you complete certain goals, there will be rich rewards, but some goals need to be completed with designated players. So players need to accumulate a lot of FIFA 22 Coins to draw them. But don't worry, you can buy it at UTnice, which can help you quickly get the players you need.