Players who have played WOW TBC Classic know that Karazhan is the first raid that players have encountered in the game. But it is not easy for the player to complete this WOW TBC Gold raid. The player must first find the entrance to the raid. Therefore, finding the entrance to the raid is usually regarded as the first obstacle that the player must overcome to complete the dungeon.

It is worth noting that the player must know everything about Karazhan to find the Karazhan entrance. Karazhan is located in the abyss of the Deadwind Path. It is a relatively hidden example, and it is often overlooked by the naked eye. Players must first enter the Deadwind Trail to reach Karazhan. The Upwind Trail is one of the least used and most open areas in WOW.

This area is often used as the home of Karazhan. To reach the Deadwind Trail, the player must approach it from Twilight Forest or Swamp of Sorrows, one of its neighboring areas. Horde players can enter the area from Swamp of Sorrows after reaching Stonerard using portals or flying masters. Alliance players will want to go from the Twilight Forest to the Deadwind Trail after flying to the night town with the Flying Master.

However, no matter how the player reaches the Deadwind Trail, the player must follow the length of the area to reach Karazhan, because the entrance to the raid is at the southern end of the WOW Classic TBC Gold area. Follow the road through the Deadwind Pass, through the area called "Sin", and then to the abandoned town and the southern end of the area. Players will find the entrance to Karazhan at the end of the road.

Each member of the raid team needs to carry the master's key with them before they can enter the raid. In addition, more TBC Classic Gold can help players get a better experience in the process. If players urgently need a large amount of WOW TBC Gold, they can buy gold from MMOWTS, they provide the most professional service!