In New World, any player can equip Life Staff to help their allies fight, because it is the only weapon that all skills are used to support, whether it's Healing or gaining allies. Because of this, Life Staff has become an extremely popular weapon choice for New World players and has been rated as the best weapon in the game by Reddit users.

The Healing ability of Life Staff in New World increases as players invest attribute points into their concentration scores. In addition to Life Staff, the New World Void Gauntlet is the only weapon that can gain improved abilities as the player's concentration increases, which makes it feasible for Healing users when they need to cause damage or debuff to the New World Gold enemy. Deputy weapon.

Life Staff is also usually used with weapons, such as ice gloves for crowd control or an axe for melee damage and self-healing. It has two mastery trees that players can invest to customize their Healing or Protector build. The Healing tree is appropriately named, focusing on Healing allies and keeping them alive throughout the battle.

The Protector tree focuses on strengthening allies, making them harder to kill and increasing their weapon damage. The more players use Life Staff, the more they can rank it and earn skill points to customize their build. The best Life Staff construction in New World utilizes two mastery trees to provide players with a balance of healing and gain to help their allies fight.

Life Staff is a versatile and powerful weapon essential for most PvE and PvP activities in New World. Regardless of whether the player is doing team content or single-player missions, it is always convenient to place a Life Staff in their New World Coins inventory, and they can use the Healing and bonus abilities it provides at any time. By the way, NewWorldCoins is currently holding a New World Coins promotion. Players are welcome to visit at any time!