Path of Exile held the Zizaran’s Gauntlet event in December. Players will face stronger and healthier monsters so that they can harvest more POE Currency and rare resources. These contents are available in hardcore mode. Players will earn points based on the boss killed, the level got, and the mining progress. The best performers will receive a part of the bonus that is crowdfunded by the community anchor and distributed by the community anchor Zizaran himself.

The player with the highest overall ranking will win the Gauntlet Trophy and 12% of the prize, while the runner-up will receive 4% of the total prize. In the seven starting classes of the competition, the best performer in each class will also receive 8% of the prize pool, and the runner-up in each class will receive 4%. The top five players in each promotion class will get the Demigod’s Authority, which is a unique one-handed sword that can increase the character size by 5%. Players who want to get bigger can stack with other items with the same effect, such as the Demigod’s Bounty belt.

Every time a player reaches level 50, he will receive an Atlantis Mystery Box. The mystery box will contain randomly selected micro-transaction POE Chaos Orb from two sets of unique aquatic-themed equipment and cosmetics, namely the Siren set and the Deepwater set.

For example, players at level 50 can get Krangled Gauntlet t-shirts. Players at level 60 can get Wild Footprints effect, Faith Guard effect, Rhoa Skull helmet, Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL PC Case. After that, the rewards and effects that players from level 70 to 95 can get will be even better. Zizaran’s Gauntlet will be held on December 10th at 3 p.m. (12 p.m. EDT) and will stop on December 20th at 3 p.m. (12 p.m. EDT).

If players need more powerful help during this time, they can turn to POECurrency to learn more practical treasure hunting strategies and buy more Path of Exile Currency. I wish them all have fun.