Happy Wheels Unblocked game provides more than 60 unique levels, some of which are offered by the developers, and some are created by the players themselves. The best cards go to the TOP, which is very nice. You can also choose from 9 characters, each of which is completely different and has unique abilities. The task of your hero is to go as far as possible, opening new levels. The difficulty is that the mortal dangers of your rider lie in wait everywhere. These are spikes, mines, destroying balls, harpoons, and much more. Awkward movement and your character may lose part of his body or even fly to pieces, hitting a mine. Cruel! But it is no less interesting to go further!

 What does challenge mean? That means events in life, difficulties in the learning path or stumbling blocks on the way to success. When we were young, to learn to crawl and walk, we had to work hard and practice a lot, overcome many painful falls, when growing up, we had to face pressure on the way of education, always trying our best. in the future to have a happy life, take good care of the family. In old age, we have to endure illness, day by day take care of our children and grandchildren, wishing them a good life. No one comes to success without difficulties and challenges, and no one walks leisurely and without worries on the road of life. So every time we face difficulties and hardships, let's be strong to overcome them because "failure is the mother of success", human life is a journey to overcome hardships.