In WOW TBC Classic, there are some very good professions that can help players get more coins. Among them, production profession, service profession and collection profession are the main professions. Production professions include alchemy, forging, cooking, engineering, jewelry processing, leather making, and tailoring professions. These professions allow players to make powerful equipment that can be equipped or traded.

Service professions include enchanting and first aid professions, which allow players to create items that are beneficial to players. Gathering professions include herbalism, mining, skinning, and fishing professions. These TBC Classic Gold professions allow players to obtain the materials needed to make powerful trade goods. Jewelry processing is a new profession in TBC Classic, which allows players to cut precious gems and make many special items that players often need.

Jewelry processing is known as the best profession for making gold, and gemstones sell well in jewelry processing, especially epic ones. Alchemy is one of the A-level professions that obtain gold coins. Alchemy can make powerful potions, potions, and potions, and transform them into other professions to make reagents.

Herbalism allows players to collect various plants and herbs with many different purposes, such as using alchemy to make flasks and potions. Herbalism can be an excellent profession to obtain WOW TBC Classic Gold from raw materials. If the player is a mining expert, the player can collect ore and gems from the ore node, and smelt the ore into ingots, which can be used in forging, engineering, alchemy, and enchanting.

Miners can also use the spell Find Minerals to find nearby ores, which can be sold in exchange for gold. Although players can earn WOW TBC Gold through these methods, this is a long and boring farming process. If the player is tired of this method, then the player can choose to buy TBC Classic Gold with real-world money, and MMOWTS is undoubtedly the best choice for the player.