With the new year just around the corner, the schedule for the World of Warcraft Arena World Championship, which will take place in the spring, was shared by Blizzard Entertainment.

In March and April, Shadowlands Season Three will feature four cup weekends and a $10,000 prize pool each weekend in North America and Europe. Teams are awarded points based WOW TBC Classic Gold on their standing in the four cup competitions.

The first part of the European Championship starts every weekend on Friday, while most of the North American competition starts on Saturday. And the time for the tournament finals in each region starts on Sunday.

The first AWC Shadowlands Season Three cup will begin on March 18th, one a week, and the fourth cup will end on April 8th-10th.

To qualify for the AWC Circuit, the team needs to finish in the top eight in each region, a 4-week round-robin tournament with a $320,000 prize pool. The top four places TBC Classic Gold in each region in the round robin will advance to the Global Finals.

No specific time has been announced for the round robin Circuit and Grand Finals. However, Blizzard has revealed in a statement that more information will be revealed in "following the conclusion of Season 3".

All matches are broadcast live on WoW's YouTube channel, and Blizzard has a deal where his esports can be streamed exclusively on the platform, so you won't find AWC action on Twitch. However, you can find AWC updates and scores on the WoW Esports official Twitter account.

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