GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! is "Authentic English For The REAL World" - I ("The Teacher") have been teaching English overseas since 2009. I have been sculpting "GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!" since about the same time. I did not like school when I was a student. And I found that being a teacher (even in the ESL world) was not much different... Constantly getting in trouble for: my students having fun in class; teaching them things that are beneficial to them, but not in the text-books; and constantly pointing out the RIDICULOUSLY stupid and completely incorrect things that are written in the text-books, lessons, and even the dictionary. So I have been working hard to create my own "text-books" (a stupid term), courses, lessons, and even a complete revision of so-called "English Grammar". I call my system "The Common Tongue"; My students call me "The Teacher"; I hope that we can call each other "Friend"
  • Studied ... I'm still studying... Anything that interests me... I study it until I am no longer interested in it, no longer need it, or until I realize that I know more about it than the books I use to study it. This has been done at every stage of my Life. I do not have any so-called "Degrees". They are only a limitation.
    Class of ... This does not pertain to me. I am in a class all my own... As you should also be.
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