Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav warns of Schwab's Fourth Reich: 'We are at a crucial crossroads'

The corona pandemic is orchestrated. This is only the first step. If we do not thwart the plans of those in power, then humanity is lost, warns Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav in conversation with Uwe Alschner of Klartext.

After surviving the horrors of the Holocaust and finding refuge in the United States as an 11-year-old girl, she wondered how people could have allowed this to happen. She soon learned that there are many people who profit from wars. She decided not to look the other way if something like this ever happened again. “I have developed an antenna for this.”

She therefore cannot understand that the Israeli government has transferred medical data from the entire Israeli population to a company like Pfizer, which has committed countless crimes. This data is extremely valuable to pharmaceutical companies. The fact that they are exempt from liability in the event of vaccine damage should set alarm bells ringing, according to Sharav.

Giant experiment

What should also ring alarm bells is the fact that there is nothing on the internet about Klaus Schwab's activities before 1970. "Nothing at all." This year, an investigative reporter has filled in the gaps in the story . “It proves what I suspected.”

We may be on the brink of a Fourth Reich, Sharav says. Klaus' father, Eugen Schwab, ran a Swiss firm that produced all kinds of weapons for the Nazis.

She was therefore shocked that Israel introduced a 'green pass', which we get in Europe in the form of a digital green certificate. This pass stands for apartheid and creates a division in society, says Sharav. Forced vaccination through the back door. “We are talking about a huge experiment here.”

How do we stop the formation of Schwab's Fourth Reich?
“Someone has to put a stop to this.”

She points out that this is all part of Klaus Schwab 's Great Reset . “We must seriously ask ourselves how we can stop the formation of the Fourth Reich. We have handed over a lot of power to those who have been preparing for this for a long time.”

“We are currently at a crucial crossroads.”

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