Re: subchapter 11.3.2 'Duration of GC Obligations in the Case of Occupied Territory', the Geneva Conventions last for 1 year after the end of occupation in a territory (after the military occupation was ended there). The occupation hasn't ended yet, therefore 1/20/2022 bears no significance because 1/20/2021 - when Biden was inaugurated as President - was the beginning of occupation, not the end of occupation. What will happen when 1/20/2022 passes and nothing happens? Will you stop following the clowns pushing this date? Or will you keep following them? Just actually read the 11.3.2 subchapter, it's honestly not that hard to understand. People have been pushing dates since the very beginning of this movement, but it was never about dates (see proof), but about MILITARY LAW, and the Q Plan, which is based on military law. Since the Law of War/Q proof connections are far too strong to ignore or refute, clowns have changed their tactics to mislead gullible anons about the Law of War. These clowns were unable to…
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