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  • New World players try to let developers live stream their own games
    On the game's forum, angry players called on the developers of New World to broadcast live through Myrkgard's endgame area. The latest worries of New World are related to the elite endgame area called Myrkgard and the development team's decision to change the size of the enemy in that area. Secondly, players can collect more New World Gold while doing missions. In other words, in order to...
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  • New World has lost nearly 90% of its players
    Amazon Games' first successfully launched game, New World, quickly reached the top of the most popular games on Twitch and Steam when it was released. However, due to almost no legends, New World Gold and simple game loops, New World has not stabilized these players who are just beginning to come in. And within two months of going online, it lost nearly 90% of its initial player base. New...
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  • New World server merger will happen this week
    Amazon Game Studio MMO New World will begin server consolidation this week. According to New World Gold, the server consolidation in Central Europe and South America will take place on December 10th (tomorrow) at 7pm (11am Pacific Standard Time). For Central Europe, Ishtakar, Metsola, Glitnir, Kalevala, Zu-Vendis and Phaeacia servers will be merged into Caer Sidi, while South American servers...
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  • New World server consolidation
    More than two months after the large-scale release of New World, Amazon Game Studios began to merge servers with the decline in the number of players. The first server merger of the game, the central EU server Mardi, will merge into the EU server Brittia. The other two mergers are aimed at forming the Central EU Vanaheim Terra world set and the South American Nibiru Mu world set.These mergers...
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  • Amazon admits that the endgame equipment changes implemented are unreasonable
    New World has experienced a lot of difficulties since its release. Although the game hasn't died as many people think, it is experiencing some major growth pains. A major source of controversy is the endgame equipment changes implemented by Amaozn. In response to the feedback, the development team explained in detail what measures they were taking to solve these New World Gold and admitted that...
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  • Is New World still worth playing?
    The release of Amazon's game studio MMO New World was a huge success. The Steam chart shows that the number of New World players on the first day exceeded 700,000, causing the server to wait in line. A few days later, its historical peak appeared, with more than 910,000 players.However, players soon discovered design issues that prevented players from playing the game the way they wanted....
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  • Many servers in New World are becoming more and more empty
    New World has entered its third month, and players are still very dissatisfied with the state of the game, because some game errors and design issues hinder the overall experience. One of the most regrettable issues of the past few weeks is that players are now trying to improve their Gear Score and watermark, both of which are necessary to truly enter the endgame. The single player of New...
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