Welcome to LIKABOUT         

Share your thoughts and memories, connect with people from all around the world, and make new friends. Likabout is secured, uncensored and made for all.


Likabout is a new plataform of social media created by a team of freelancers and developers, with translations in 13 different languages (english, spanish, portuguese br, portuguese pt, italian, french, deutsch, dutch, turkish, russian, romain, arabic and greek). We deliver a full freespeech network to our community, uncensored regarding the matters of politics, religion and health. This social network was created as an alternative to other social medias, those that uses to restrict content and manage user's profiles presence. We are not committed to the new world order, and we have nothing to do with it. 


Our own servers are placed in private rack in a datacenter somewhere, and does not depend on any big tech cloud and services to be hosted. Our services, can only be restricted by the law, through formal notification, and never by arbitrarian private tech companies. We have enough internet bandwidth and storage space to handle with our community's contents and needs.